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Speaking of best D in the league, Kellerman just asked the question on PTI and Bob Ryan, who I used to respect before this show has shown his inability to deal with sports as a whole. He's great with basketball and Boston, but he's crazy on a lot of other topics. Back to the point though, it's one thing to say Tampa has a better D, which I won't ever agree with it, but numbers wise, they are #1. Ryan not only said this, but said they were better because they got more pressure on the QB. What a ****ing joke.

Good to see everyone in the media is starting to make a big deal out of B. Mitch's comments that Sapp is sackless against Philly when he's been saying it for two years running now. **** Sapp, most overrated player for however long he's been playing. B. Mitch is poppin' corks on the Bucs Sunday.

This game isn't just about getting to the Super Bowl, it's about showing everyone in the World that numbers sometimes lie. Tampa's D isn't as good as Philly's and the Nation will know this on Sunday.
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