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Default "Come Back" From What?

Exactly what does the Pack have to "come back" from? Green Bay hasn't had a losing season since 1991! Only two other teams can boast a longer active streak for this: The Vikings, who last won fewer than eight games in 1990, and the Dolphins, whose most recent sub-.500 campaign occurred in 1988.

And it may interest you to know, Kevin, that most "experts" (if by that you mean oddsmakers) believe the Packers will finish second in the NFC Central - not third. Poor Minnesota - one big loss in a playoff game and the Vikings have been busted to buck private, so to speak! (they are now the third choice in the division in nearly all of the futures books). And surprise, surprise - the Redskins are now favored to win the NFC East in most places! (Among other things, they have the schedule on their side vis-a-vis the Eagles and, especially, the Giants). But the "hottest" team, as far as the "futures" betting is concerned, is the Rams. After having opened as high as 12-1 to win the Super Bowl in some places, St. Louis is now the overall favorite almost everywhere, with prices as low as 9-2.

Personally, I just don't see it happening. Something tells me that Mike Martz fancies himself as some sort of latter-day Don Coryell; I'm going to predict right here and now that the Rams will rank well down in the league in rushing offense this year even if Marshall Faulk does stay healthy all season. True, the Rams did make major changes in their defense over the spring, but it won't matter - no defense that is on the field 40 minutes per game can ever be truly effective. While the St. Louis defense won't be the disgraceful spectacle it was last year, it will still be more than bad enough to keep them from advancing beyond the divisional playoffs (although the Rams will most likely win the NFC West, with the Saints "bouncing" back to .500 and, in fact, quite possibly falling behind my personal "surprise" team of 2001, the Falcons).

But as far as the Packers go - and they are the subject of this thread! - I see them playing the Giants in an NFC wild card game this January, with whoever wins the regular-season meeting between the clubs having home field in the playoff game.

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