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Originally posted by Anthony
After the Chargers pick Eli Manning, the Cardinals are up next - and they would be the ones the Eagles would deal with, as Arizona obviously doesn't need a receiver and Ben Roethlisberger at #2 overall would be the biggest "reach" since Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Everest (an event which, interestingly enough, occurred 50 years ago this spring).

But so far as "paying the bucks" goes: Remember that in addition to the salary cap, there is also a minimum payroll requirement - and if, as expected, the Eagles allow Troy Vincent, Bobby Taylor and Duce Staley to depart, they would clearly be below that minimum if they aren't indeed already (right now they're $22 million under the cap, and if I'm not mistaken the minimum is 85 per cent of the cap, which based on the 2004 cap figure would be about $11 million under). Since it would make absolutely no sense whatsoever to sign one or more players who wouldn't even be in the starting lineup, the Eagles might literally be forced to sign Owens, whose price tag is projected to be around $11 million per year (amazingly, he only made $4.7 million this season).
Ben Roethlisberger a stretch at #2?!?!?! He is #2 on my board only behind Larry Fitzgerald. The Eagles don't have enough to trade up to get Fitzgerald, but the Patriots might, the have 2 first round picks to work with.
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