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Default Just when i start hitting the panic button, The Mavs change.

The Mavs seem to have turned the corner. I've seen some pretty bad and crazy basketball at times and a team that just didn't seem to have it head straight. Sloppy passes. Bad shot selections. Turnovers due to poor poor POOR ball handling. But the team changed on January 20th, after alot of talk of trades and talks of a Nellie firing.

From watching the Mavericks the whole season, this Maverick team right now is starting to show the same characteristics as the Maverick team showed last year, if not even better. And believe it or not, having Shawn Bradley in the mix helps. I think he is playing better D this year. He affects the game when he is in.

We will see what the playoffs hold when they get here.

But for the regular season, if the Mavericks continue what i see on the court, this team is going to challenge for the top spot in the west to get home court advantage throughout.
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