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Mavs woulda done better if the trade didn't happen because Antoine Walker is a team cancer. He dosn't play defense, he is a 3 point shooting machine...too bad the machine only works 27 % of the time, he doesn't play an inside game, he is not the best on the team, Antawn Jamison is better and he should be starting, not Walker, he whines to thr refs. What more can you say. This guys is the teams cancer. Dallas would be doin better if they didn't trade, and they were cancerless and Jamison, who is more deserving would be starting, the Mav's would be much better. Are the Mavs better off with or without Walker. Lets look at the wins

Dallas Mavericks 2002-2003 (Jan 31st): 36-9

Dallas Mavericks 2003-2004 (Jan 31st after blowing lead against Nuggets): 29-18
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