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Garcia? Bulger?
Roethlisberger is on a 14-1 team, and gets a #12? Winning MUST NOT mean as much as statistics. Jake Delhomme? I'm a little confused here...

1) Peyton Manning
2) Tom Brady
3) McNabb
4) Culpepper
5) Big Ben
6) Drew Brees
7) Drew Bledsoe
8) Trent Green
9) Brett Farve
10) Chad Pennington
11) Byron Leftwich
12) David Carr

I realize that people are going to question Carr. But, he's really improved his game....despite his offensive line. I think he's improving ahead of schedule. Texas should make a serious run at the playoffs next year witha smart draft.
Bledsoe is a little higher than I normally would have liked to place him. But the Bills turn around has been great. Yes, Willis has had a lot to do with that, but hell, I just like Bledsoe.
And I have Big Ben higher than most likely will. The guy has done what Tommy Maddux couldn't. And I'm not so sure that his physical skills are THAT much better. Ben's played with the poise of a veteran, and displayed a real mind for the game.
Everyone else is close to "interchangable", outside of the front 5.
Get me a bottle of Advil..............the Cubs game is starting....

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