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Originally posted by MaddEnemy
How can you guys put Manning as #1? You got to be kidding me!

Vick is a much better QB, I'll even say Pepper is a better QB or even yet McNabb! You guys are nutts to put Manning first! I can't believe this, is this a Manning/Colt's forum? Every thread I look in Manning is always being talked about! Vick is so much faster than Manning and has a strong arm. Vicks rookie season...oppps I mean the first full year he played he had a better year than Manning!

And Pepper should be above Manning, I mean come on.

"NO QB IN NFL HISTORY has ever thrown for as many yards with as many touchdowns in the same season as Culpepper.
Including Manning"

I just don't see why Manning is #1 in everyone book!


[email protected] that "oops, I mean the first full year he played"!!! You aren't right, man. I spilled my pop all over the floor over that one. I'll send you the cleaning bill.
Btw, I haven't seen a FSUVikings post in this thread, yet....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???
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