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Originally posted by franky
I think the Finals should be interesting no matter who makes it and this is one year where I actually wouldn't mind watching. I was kind of hoping for a Detroit-San Antonio series, but I will admit, that would be a lot of games in the 70s and 80s, and a lot of defense.

I think the NBA Finals have declined overall since Jordan hit that shot that beat Utah in 1998...but that's just my opinion. Jordan seemed to bring a sense of excitement to the Finals that brought everyone in to watch, whether you liked or hated him.

But there's now PARITY...just absolute chaos.

And if Stern is still trying to cook up that NY/LAL matchup...not gonna happen anytime soon. So just *embrace* the parity, the crazy buzzer-beaters.

It might be better for leagues to stop selling the stars. The Spurs, Pistons, Patriots, Twins...they aren't sexy...but they are contenders and they win...and why not feature them for once instead of the Lakers, the Knicks, the Yankees (*COUGH*)...contract-eaters. That way you don't have one star running the league/team (Bonds).

I think, maybe, sports has entered an era, with the cap and all, that it's no longer one player drawing the attention - it's the most cohesive team that plays fundamentally sound games. They have to stop looking for the next Ripken, Jordan, Payton...spread the representation among a group of people instead of burdening it all on the shoulders on one (which, perhaps Jordan wanted it, but not all players can handle that kind of pressure).
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