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Chicago White Sox over Red Sox
Los Angeles Angels over Yankees

Atlanta Braves over Astros
San Diego Padres over St. Louis Cardinals

Angels over White Sox
Braves over Padres

Angels over Braves

Just to defend the Padres pick a bit...

I like the Padres as a team in a short series. They definitely don't have the staff to win 90+ games in a season, but I do like them in a short series. I like Peavy in games 1 and 4, yes, even against Carpenter. I'd imagine Eaton will go in game 2 and the Padres should go back to San Diego with a split. Astacio has pitched very well in August/September, giving them a good shot there. If they got up 2-1 in the series for game 4 at home, they could save Peavy for a game 5, or put him out there in Game 4.

The Cardinals are the better team, I think, but in a five game series, I really like how the Padres match up. Their flaws are covered up a bit.

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