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Originally posted by doublee
Why would you pick Houston over St. Louis? The Cards owned the Astros this year. They went 11-5 against them and the only team they won more games against was Pittsburgh.

A. L.
Angels over the Yankees
Chicago over Boston

Neither the Yankees or Boston could win consistently on the road unless they were playing each other and Chicago and LA have the home field advantage in these series and both were able to win on the road this year.

Angels over White Sox in the ALCS

N. L.
Astros over Braves
Cards over Pads

Cards over Astros in the NLCS

Cards over the Angels in the World Series.
Holy cow! I agree 100% with Doublee's picks all the way through, even the reasoning behind the Yanks and BoSox losing in the opening round. I'm more nervous about the NL because the Padres could win a short series (as was mentioned by Doug). Also, betting against the Braves always makes me nervous. Ken Rosenthal was wise to write last week that Chris Carpenter is the key to the Cards' chances-- if he dominates like he sometimes has, the Cards will roll to the World Series.

By the way, as far as who made the playoffs, i'm still lying here in shock wondering how the Marlins didn't somehow make the playoffs. I guess that shows the value of winning close games (or not, in their case). If they had made it over the Astros, i might've picked them to win the Series. They have the starting pitching, the closer, the power hitting, the singles hitters, the speed... everything but the wins themselves.
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