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So enlighten me, if fighting isn't where serious injuries come from, where DO they come from? Accidents in game play? And to insinuate that I am arguing for more serious injuries is ridiculous when I'm against fighting period.

"You people don't understand?" The NHL better make people understand if it wants to be around in 10 years. It can't afford to be all exclusive and have an elitist attitude like that. Make me understand then!

Fighting establishes the game? It's just an excuse for thuggery. The NFL is more physical than the NHL, yet they don't need to allow fights by grown men acting like schoolyard boys. If you want to set the tone, do it in a respectable, responsible way in the game play, not by going and attacking the other guy.

Hockey has been on a downward spiral because of reprehensible marketing and a failure to connect to the average American who can't pronounce most of the Eastern European names. Further, Canadian teams, where the hardcore fans are, haven't been able to exist financially, relegating teams to places like Florida, Atlanta, and Carolina, where hockey isn't in the minds of people. That's what's put hockey in a downward spiral. It's far more serious than just rules and events ON the ice.

Pardon me, but I don't see what's so pathetic about wanting to have a clean, respectable game without the thuggery. The NFL, NBA, and MLB don't allow it and they do fine, so why should the NHL? I'm sorry, but the whole "it's a part of tradition/history" argument is rubbish. Look where tradition/history has taken the game ... that's right, the freakin' OLN network and out of America's sight. Might want to start re-thinking yourself, eh?
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