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Marc, the thing is, you don't understand what you're arguing. You say you want a clean, respectable game without thuggery, but what eliminating fighting would do would lead to more thuggery and more incidents such as the Bertuzzi incident.

The Bertuzzi incident came about because the league is trying to cut down on fighting. That serious injury would not have happened in the 80s because two players would have squared off and fought.

You're idea that fighting is dirty and thuggery is simply turning a blind eye to the sport.

You are most definitely arguing for more injuries and your failure to see that just shows that you don't know much about the sport.

Look where tradition/history has taken the game ... that's right, the freakin' OLN network and out of America's sight.
You do realize that it's on the OLN because they've moved AWAY from fighting, right?

Fighting can be clean. fighting can be done with honor.

Personally I'm dissapointed that the NHL is back because Americans frankly don't understand the sport. I loved hockey when I was a kid, but this is a watered down game now.

Serious injuries don't come out of fighting. Serious injuries do come out harsher penalties and attempting to restrict fighting. Serious injuries out of thuggish plays are on the upswing ever since they started to move away from fighting.

Marc, you are arguing for more injuries.
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