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I'm in some fantasy leagues so was here looking at things and do not want to post here but this post by ignorant Mr. Marc here was too good to pass up.

This incident was not a fight. It was a cheap cheap hit. Though I agree with Brian and everything he said about Bertuzzi returning, it was still a pretty cheap punch.

The only place where fighting has no place is in this thread. The Bertuzzi mugging had nothing at all to do with fighting. If you want to close a thread for going off topic, this would be one because fighting has nothing to do in this thread except for the fact that fighting would have actually prevented this occurance.

Two-three weeks before Bertuzzi's hit, Moore took a cheap shot to the head of one of the top 3 point scorers in the NHL, Bertuzzi's teammate Markus Naslund and put him out of the Vancouver lineup for three games. Had the NHL had not started the instigator penalty a few years ago, someone from Vancouver would have dropped the gloves with Moore, there would have been a clean fight, they would have gone to the penalty box for 5 minutes, and this would have been the last you heard of it.

However, because of the instigator penalty, no one started a fight for fear of getting an extra 2 minute penalty for instigating a fight, thus putting his team in a 5-on-4 situation. So, the turmoil between Vancouver and Moore boiled until the next game. This resulted in Bertuzzi's hit on Moore. He did not mean to break his neck. Doctors say it is impossible to tell if the punch broke his neck, the fall to the ice, the fall of Bertuzzi on top of him, or the fall of about 4-5 200+ lb hockey players on top of him. Regardless, it never would have happened if the NHL did not try to prevent fighting by starting the instigator penalty. Without this rule, this series of events would have ended the same day Moore took a cheap shot at one of the NHL's best players weeks before it actually did end.

Fighting ENCOURAGES respect in hockey. New players in the NHL have no respect for the great players in the game like they once did in the 60s and 70s and 80s when all the great stars had "protection" on the ice. If you hit a great player in those days, at least as cheaply as Naslund was hit, you would PAY for it by having to face a guy like Bertuzzi in a fight. But because you can't do that anymore without the fear of putting your team on the penalty kill, you have to resort to trying to sneakily hit him just as dirty in return. An example is as simple as going back to the preseason and Roenick's concussion.

The fact Naslund couldn't play the games he missed because of Moore could have been the difference between the Canucks' #3 seed and a possible #1 or #2 seed in the playoffs. Because this issue was not resolved on the night it occured, leading to this Bertuzzi hit, and thus Bertuzzi being suspended by the league, most definitely resulted in the Canucks losing their first round playoff series.

Doug, I agree completely with you, Brian, and Don. People who don't understand hockey don't understand fighting and its place in the game. It's always been there and it always will be. Without it there would be even more events like or similar to Bertuzzi's hit on Moore.
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