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Good points. And those who say Moore should not be seen sorely as a victim have good to reason to say so. But unfortunately, it's the one who gets caught that has to pay for it, and in this case, it was Bertuzzi. That's just life.

But my main point is this: so if fighting prevents even worse things from happening, why can't hockey enforce such strict measures that any retaliatory actions will be discouraged? Fighting is bad, but at least both players know what's coming and there isn't usually serious injury. I say you fine and/or suspend players for trying to get someone back with a cheapshot or preconceived action.

I still think fighting shouldn't be allowed, and to an even greater degree, the actions that you say occur because of no fighting should be so severely punished that a player would have to think twice before doing it.

And, for me, as a hockey outsider and someone trying to understand this, why is it different for hockey than any other major sport? Why don't other pro sports need this? Are hockey players such savage, heartless beasts that they either need to fight or they'll end up hurting someone even worse? I don't get it.

I have a feeling that the answer is "you just don't get it," but I'm trying to understand, honest.

P.S. How's the job at Rim, LeeMan? Frankly, I'm impressed your post had good info rather than blasting and insulting me. Props.

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