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And, for me, as a hockey outsider and someone trying to understand this, why is it different for hockey than any other major sport? Why don't other pro sports need this? Are hockey players such savage, heartless beasts that they either need to fight or they'll end up hurting someone even worse? I don't get it.

I have a feeling that the answer is "you just don't get it,"
The answer certainly is that you don't get it. Although you don't get it, I feel you can get it. I think the first step is to look at fighting in a different light. I think you're going into this argument with a bad chip on your shoulder when you say things like hockey needs to get the fighting out to be a classier sport. Fighting is rough, but it's also strategic. Well, it used to be, back when hockey was a better sport.

I told you over AIM that Wayne Gretzky's career would have been completely different without fighting. Fighting allowed Gretzky room to manuever because people wouldn't take a run (clean, part of the game, just a damn good check, I don't mean cheap shot) at Gretzky because if they did, they would have to fight McSorley.

Hockey is a completely different sport and fighting is a part of it because it helps to protect the players that need to be protected. If you don't protect the players that need protected, you don't have a sport. You can't have a roughing the wingman penalty, because that would just be silly. So, you let players protect each other.

Just for a quick rundown of why fighting should go in hockey but not other sports...

Baseball...I'm for hitting batters and brawls there and think you degrade the game if you get rid of it.

Basketball...Just not enough contact and BUILT IN RULES to protect players. Big difference.

Football...built in rules to protect players and it is a different kind of contact sport. There's no need to allow fighting because the hitting will be the same either way. In hockey, fighting flat out changes the game.

I also think fighting is safer because *******es don't get courageous and try to knock someone around with their stick or other cheap manners.

The thing is, no one is out there going "damn, I want to hurt this guy, like FOR REAL hurt him and put him out and maybe paralyze him". They're out there trying to push how far they can go and sometimes they make mistakes. Without fighting you see more and more people trying to push how far they can go and as we have seen the past few seasons, they make mistakes.
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