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A lot of the main points have been covered already as to why fighting is important in hockey. Fighting settles scores and revenge the proper way. If the crapiest player on the team your playing against decides to take off your best player's head in a game, what would happen? You'd go insane and want to take off his. You probably would if fighting were banned. Instead you settle the score, drop the gloves and settle the issue. The suggestion to even ban fighting is absolutely ridiculous. If fighting were banned all these years then we'd never see a Wayne Gretzky excel and dominate the game because some journey man would've taken his head off. And why would the journey man care? He wouldn't have to worry about facing a McSorley and getting into a scrap. What are the Oilers to do? Nothing, watch the guy get a suspension (or in Moore's hit on Naslund's case, nothing) while their best player is out.

It's only the people who don't care about hockey who want fighting and Bertuzzi banned. People believe the crap from CNN that Bertuzzi "the monster" wanted to break Moore's neck and that Moore was this innocent target with no history. There's nobody out there who is more sorry for this then Big Bert. He has to hear all the constant crap on how everything is his fault and that he's this huge devil. He missed Vancouver's playoff run in which he helped get the Canucks there, he missed the World Cup, and he missed the chance to go play in Europe where he would've been a huge commodity. And to get the main point across once again, none of this would've never happened if Moore wasn't looking to put Naslund on the shelf. There wouldn't be a need to drop the gloves and the Bertuzzi incident would've never happened.
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