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Originally Posted by boston_aloha
I think that is a ridiculous statement. So are you saying no one "took off" Gretzky's head because they were afraid of getting beat up? Give me a break, no one is afraid of anyone in the NHL. Gretzky was good and excelled because of his pure talent, not because he was protected and players were afraid being "beaten up"... c'mon!

1. I played hockey growing up in and in HS. I don't care how big someone else was, if you get in a fight, you get in fight - for whatever reason.
2. Even if you know you're going to get your head kicked in, you think reffs / coaches / players, etc. are gonna stand there and let you get the sh** kicked out of you? No, the fight will be broken up before any major damage is done (just like in the NHL).

I'm not saying I want fighting banned... in fact, that has nothing to do with this argument. And I don't think Bertuzzi wanted to break Moore's neck on purpose... but the fact is he did. I'm sure he's sorry (and he should be), but to attack someone from behind (cheap-shot), and cause the ammount of damage he did to a player, I think he shouldn't of been re-instated. I think he's piece of garbage. If Bertuzzi is so tuff... why couldn't he hit Moore when Moore was looking, skate right up to him and pop him, not hit him from behind where he is defensless.
I am exactly saying nobody took Gretzky's head off because of the enforcers and protection around him. Who the hell would want to get in a scrap with McSorley when he played for the Oilers, the man had insane intensity and let it be known that if you try to take out the best player on the team your next. Greztky excelled because of his talent, but if there wasn't solid protection for him in his early years thugs would've taken a hell of a lot more shots at him.

Bertuzzi tried to fight Moore in that game but Moore didn't want any part of it. Which is cowardly ONLY because of what he did to Naslund, he knew Bert wanted to settle the score for Moore's actions. If Moore would've dropped the gloves against Bert there's no way Bertuzzi would've still hit him from behind. I'm not excusing Bert from what he did, but still.
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