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It's nice to finally get another title... not that I remember the first four that well, but...
I was convinced early on that Cowher had firmly affixed his hand around his players' throats, but somehow, the Seabags ended up this year's great gaggers.

Officiating: I agree on the Darrell Jackson ticky-tack offensive interference call. Too bad. It was there, illegal contact was made, but... it probably doesn't get called most of the time.
I believe, after watching the Roethlisberger TD, I think the end of the ball probably broke the plane before he was down. Another thought I had while the review was ongoing: could it have been ruled by the line judge (who Michaels rightly pointed out looked like he was going to spot the ball down short initially) ruled that Ben fumbled, and then recovered the fumble in the end zone? Either way, I don't think there was visual evidence to overrule the call on the field. So...
As for the holding call... you cannot wrap your arm around the neck of the defensive player. Just because Madden (HOF coach) wouldn't have called it doesn't make it suddenly legal. Holding is holding and it called. I saw several blocks in the back and holding penalties throughout the game that weren't called. Is it too bad it came at a bad time for the Seahawks? As they say, "Them's the breaks."

I think Seattle is a decent team, coached by a guy who got desperately befuddled when the pressure intensified. What happened to them at the end of the first half? They choked. What happened to them late, while still in the game? They choked. In particular, Holmgren choked. The only Seattle player on whom you can put a fair amount of blame is Stevens. The guy dropped the ball anytime someone was around him. The only catch he had was the wide open shot in the end zone. Every other ball thrown to him, he put on the ground. (Well, maybe there was one other he caught, now that I think of it.) Nice of Porter not to run him in the ground, but I thought he went out and proved just how soft and squishy he was.

It's been a great career, Jerome. The way you bounce up after a tough run and celebrate and scream will be missed.
Brad O won't want him in the HOF, and I understand why, but, depending on the class with whom he competes, I expect he'll be learning Super Bowl weekend five years from now that he's in...
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