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Interesting that folks have liked what they got from the Steelers D. I thought they were horrific. Bend, but don't break. I guess it works, but I would have preferred stifling and dominant. Maybe I'm just being greedy. They couldn't get off the field on third downs without help from the guys in black & white stripes, only got one turnover.
On the plus side, they did figure out Darrell Jackson. I thought he was going to be the end of the Steelers, but they made some adjustment (unspake of by Michaels & Madden, who... was it just me?... were especially bad last night imo).

Troy was absent for the most part. Porter admitted that he did nothing special. Hampton was good. Keisel seemed to play a lot of downs, causing me to wonder what was up with von Oelhofen.

Anyway... I was torn. I didn't think that Parker deserved the MVP on pretty much one play. I was going to give it to Randle El, but I forgot to login to vote till the game was over. I think Hines was deserving, but despite Doug's trashing him in another thread, I thought Randle El was pretty damn good in last night's game.
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