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Originally Posted by Doug Graham View Post
Or, uh...Florida or maybe Arkansas. For the time being I guess you can call Michigan the best one loss team in the Nation, but I'm not so sure it'll stick. Arkansas has another tough one next week and then the SEC Title game. If they win both of those, it'd be a stretch to put Michigan ahead of them. If Florida wins the SEC title with one loss, I don't see how you can put Michigan ahead of them. USC is a wild card, though, if they can win the next two games.

Florida has played a much more difficult schedule than Michigan has, and they've looked better and more consistent for the entire season. This was a very fun game to watch, I just hope people don't get swept up in that and deliver a rematch.

If Rutgers stays undefeated and winds up defeating WVU, they're in.
Yeah I was especially impressed with their domination of that1-AA powerhouse Western Carolina.
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