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Originally Posted by KevinBeane View Post
I have been lurking at a popular Michigan blog, and Ricky's right...most of them don't want a rematch.

But I do, and it's precisely because of Ricky's points about the game not being as close as the final score indicated that I want it. We would whomp Michigan a second time. That would be glorious.

Rape to tradition? You mean the thing that makes this tradition great is that they only play once a year? That them playing twice under flukey but plausible circumstances that will likely never happen again is just gonna ruin everything? Please. The thing that makes this rivalry the best is hatred/respect the teams have for each other, the quality of the teams usually involved, their long history, and their fans. Not all these little accoutrements like noon start times and the need to never allow them to play more than once in a year or whatever else the traditionalists cry about.

I guess the SEC, especially Florida, is debatable, but IF the NC game should match the top two teams, I hardly think USC's resume will compare well to Michigan's. Michigan's loss only came at the horseshoe. USC's loss was to Oregon frickin' State, and I'm pretty sure that USC is not going to blow away Notre Dame the way Michigan did (in South Bend, no less) but we will see.

Bring 'em on. If they beat us in Glendale, I for one will call them National Champions. But they won't beat us.
Bo said last week that he didn't want to se a rematch. I believe Michigan is the second best team in the country, but we have seen that game. I'd prefer them to play USC if they win out or the Fla/Ark winner if they don't, the only team that doesn't deserve a shot is ND if they beat USC because to vault them above Michigan would be ludicrous after the pounding they took at home from UM. So if it comes down to a one loss UM and a one loss ND, I say let's do it again.
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