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Originally Posted by StealthElephant View Post
Antonio Silva had a torn MCL going into that fight from what I've heard. Didn't see the fight, but Ricco is a decent fighter, though I'm not sure wheres hes at since he's had substance abuse problems. He sounded really confident in an interview he did with a few days before the fight. His weigh in picks looked like he was out of shape. Combine that with Silva being a massive man, no wonder Ricco lost. If he can get his act together, he has the skill, he was UFC champ at one point.
Ricco is just not in fighting shape but like you pointed out, still had the skill to frustrate Silva. Maybe I'm being too harsh on Rodriguez but I expected more from him & he just didn't look ready at all.

Kimbo really doesn't interest me, the type of thing the sport needs to get away from. Maybe he turns out to be legit, but I have a feeling he just doesn't have the wrestling background to deal with most heavyweights. Someone who isn't a D level fighter is going to get him down and elbow him into oblivion.

No doubt. Listening to Slice sounds like he's believing the hype too. Gonna be a shock to the system when the right guy shows up in the cage. At least a Lesnar has some cred instead of just being a media creation.

As much as I hate Shamrock and think Cung Le is just too old at this point to seriously be a legit contender, Shamrock is probably going to win. Shamrock is a big man, and Cung is a natural 170lber fighting at 185lb. Shamrock by whatever he wants after he beats Cung up on the ground for 3-4 minutes. Fryklund and Von Flue for some ungodly stupid reason stood and traded strikes with Cung Le and paid for it. Shamrock knows better and will take it to the ground.
Amen to that one. Le is dangerous upright but you're right, the ground is where his downfall lies with Shamrock. Still like to see this one tho...

I'm really looking forward to the Dan Henderson vs. Anderson Silva fight coming up at UFC82. If Anderson beats Henderson, then Silva is without a doubt the #1 P4P fighter and cements himself as a superstar.

Silva has been on a tear, going 5-0 in the UFC, 4 KO/TKO and 1 submission. Nobodies lasted more then 7-8 minutes.[/QUOTE]

I've seen him & he's a baaad man. He doesn't seem to have many, if any, real weakness. I also like how he adapts to the fighter in front of him. Smooth operator...

Should be a Helluva bout. Who's your pick in this one, Stealth?
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