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Payback's a b-itch.

I wasn't convinced when Serra won last time & apparently neither was St-Pierre.
When Georges is pissed, he's even more impressive...


St-Pierre stops Serra for win at UFC 83

MONTREAL - Don't make Georges St-Pierre angry.

The pre-fight for St-Pierre vs. UFC welterweight champ Matt Serra was filled with lots of entertaining trash talk eminating from East Meadow, N.Y.

St-Pierre, considered the world's model mixed martial artist, didn't find it very funny. He charged across the ring and put Serra on his back six seconds into the fight. The massacre lasted 1 rounds, and it seemed like Serra never got off the mat.

St-Pierre finished the fight with a series of punches and huge knees to Serra's body at 4:44 of the second round.

A Montreal native, St-Pierre (15-2, 10-2 UFC) won back the UFC welterweight title belt he lost to Serra last year at UFC 69 in Houston. Serra left the ring with his face chopped up and swollen below his right eye.

It was clear St-Pierre was fighting with a little angst. He referenced Serra's trash talk several times during the week leading up to the fight. The fighters got into a war of words on the radio, with Serra calling St-Pierre "frenchy."

Pete Sell, a member of Serra's camp, also annoyed St-Pierre by calling him a "mental midget" and saying, "GSP is the type of guy that would back down from a fight in a bar."

It was all water under the bridge once St-Pierre won the fight.

"Thanks to Matt Serra, he took the fight in my town. It means a lot to me," said St-Pierre, who is just 26 years old. "If we have to fight again in New York. I will do it. If I have to fight in your town, I will "

After this one, a third fight would be a tough sell. Serra did score a first round knockout in the first meeting against St-Pierre, but Saturday's performance made that look like a fluke.

"I wanted to work submissions," said Serra, who runs several jiu-jitsu schools in New York. "He was just too slippery. He's phenomenal. He's the best in the world."
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