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If your government tried murdering you...and people you loved (and succeeded in) it did to'd think otherwise yourself...perhaps. The fact that maybe I'm ONLY "cynical" should be a good thing then.
I'm not sure if this is meant literally or not. Either way, can you elaborate?

And this stops the bullets flying?
Depends on which bullets you are talking about? In Iraq? Most definitely.

You have money. Let's not make a federal case out of it but don't tell me that. I don't care anyway.

Giving to charities is fine. Have you thought it out? Do you think it's right? Is this the best way to do something?
Relatively speaking, I guess I have money. Still, most people in this country have more money than me, and do less.

In terms of charity... It might not be the MOST effective thing, but what do you suggest I do - I also volunteer.

You see it regularly and approach it from an ethnocentric place that allows you to leave it as needs be.
You don't know **** about how I approach anything.

I understand it. But the problem is this CK:

Under the current setup in our government/society/economic structure people like you (young, white, formally educated, privileged - there's nothing wrong with being privileged CK...don't get offended) are going to have to be the ones who understand these issues and break them down.
Trust me, I'd love to "break them down." How do you suggest we do this? Revolution?

Answer yourself this: if people far smarter and better off than you have failed....what have they done wrong?
Depends on who you are talking about. All politicians? Different leaders have failed for different reason.
Do yourself a favor, become your own savior.

Think Fresh.
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