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Default Bizarro SC...

It's hard to imagine, in our little myopic worlds, that SC was here before you started posting on the boards.

But the world before you does exist.

It's cold.

It's foreign.

It's unforgiving.

It's confusing.


Rick Dogg: I have decided to come back to regular posting for my own personal gain and satisfaction. I was looking at the Lounge, and I realized it just isnt the same without me! So I am comming back to save the Lounge from extinction.

Marc: Welcome back. Somehow, I knew you couldn't stay away too long. Let's get some intelligent discussions going on, things are a little quiet right now since several posters (Wedge and Jared) are both gone on vacation now.

iFroggy: Welcome back, Rick.

Kinda asked for this by eliminating post counts in the lounge didn't you, Marc?

Rick Dogg: No, I think people stopped posting because I stopped posting, and FL Tiger started posting.

Wedge231: Welcome back man. Nice to see you again. Just wasn't the same around here.

Rick Dogg: Thanks.

FL Tiger: Hmmmm. I don't know what my posts had anyone to do with stop posting here. I never made any personal attacks or called anyone names. I guess some of you people can't deal with frank criticism. Sounds like a personal problem to me.

Titandude: Who's getting on Tiger's case?

iFroggy: Tiger,

Knock it off and get over yourself already. The only power you have is the power to take threads off topic.

Rick (nor anyone else) said that he left because of you. If you possibly could look before you speak, you would have seen a previous post by Rick stating a reason that he is leaving, and guess what... you weren't mentioned.

The bottom line is a majority of your posts have been of a derogatory nature, now doesn't that sound like a "personal problem."

Another thread closed thanks to Tiger. (I think we need a new SC Award for this next year )

Again, welcome back Rick, thread closed.



They fought. They laughed. They cried.

Just as we do now.

Will our fate follow their path?

I don't know...
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