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Originally Posted by themush View Post
Come on down I could use a deck hand.
Uh, you missed the point. Option #2 is retirement. That means I no longer do work. I live in your basement, watch sports and you bring me food and drink. Then on Saturdays, it's an action-packed day of Big Ten football!!!


Originally Posted by Ellis View Post
I ended up buying three McCartney albums today: Band On The Run, Ram, and McCartney II. They were only five bucks a piece, which isn't bad. The place was sold of Beatles LPs; I wonder how much those cost.
Band On The Run is the best of that bunch IMO. Pretty good deal though.

Nice fire picture.

And in other news...

Today a kid asked me what a "platter" was in regards to music. When I told her it was an old slang term for a phonograph (note the pronunciation) record she announced in amazement...

"Wow, I didn't know they had music on phones in the old days!"

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