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12 teams clash in ongoing Rocball season

ANOTHER season of Rocball blazes on at the Marianas High School Gymnasium, with a total of 12 teams vying for the top.

The late-season intramural league started with eight groups, increased to ten, and — then a week into competition — grew to twelve teams, including a teachers’ team.

After three weeks (15 games) the Kingz remain undefeated with three wins. Teams Rockafella and You Got Served follow with two wins each.

The top three ‘heavy hitters’ (players who score most often in Rocball’s multiple point scoring system) are YGS’s Justin Pardierna with eight aces and one xunk for 19 points, Ben Olopai of the Kingz with four aces, two kees, and one goal for 13 pts, and Nick Gross with two aces, two kees, and one goal for 11 points.

The teams that have scored the most goals in a game are the YGS, who scored two goals in a game twice, School House Roc…Ball, who scored two goals in one game, and the Fil’ Aces, who also scored two goals in one game.

The teams that have scored the most two-point backcourt plays are the School House Roc…Ball with six kees and Rockstars with five kees. The Kingz, Alpha Q, and Home Town Kids are tied with four kees each.

A kee is made by the goalie from either team that scores court points from the backcourt behind the ten-foot front line.

Team You Got Served leads the pack with 12 aces, trailed by the Kingz at 11. Alpha Q and Leche Dude are tied at third with 10 aces each.

An ace — worth two points — is a serve that is hit and grounded by a player on a receiving team before a second player touches the ball.

The teams that have ‘xunked’ their opponents the most are the Kingz and G-6 at three xunks each and the Geeks, HTK, and Leche Dudes at two apiece.

A xunk is a serve that is made in such a way that it lands on a receiving team’s side of the court untouched. The team that scores a xunk has the option of adding two points to their score or deducting two points from their opponent’s score.

Two players have scored a ‘jam’ so far. This is a one-point defensive play made by a front line player on the receiving team. It is the most difficult of scoring techniques in Rocball. A ‘jam’ is made when a front line player on the receiving team smacks down and grounds a served ball on the service team’s court.

A ‘Master Blaster’ is a player that has scored at least once in each of the scoring techniques of Rocball: court point, ace, xunk, jam, kee, and goal.
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