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I've been to the Masters 3 times and one tournament in the metro Altanta Area. The rules have nothing to do with my frustration, I know how golf works for the most part. Tiger just seems to vent his frustrations in ways I wouldn't do. After he vented them, he chose to bring it up in the post tournament news conference. He won, and still takes a shot at the guy. Instead of disagreeing with me, you choose to take a shot at me saying I know nothing about golf and shouldn't comment on it. That was exactly my thoughts when you said Jason Terry would not be the Hawks point guard. I tried to shed light on your misinformation that you had.

I think this would have been okay, but I didn't mention the guy was within the rules and didn't claim to be very knowledgeable at golf. What if I say, oh no you don't understand that was a safety flash bulb on that camera, it was just a faulty one. Obviously you have never used a camera and never have taken a picture before.

Agree to disagree, but don't take shots at the posters when you are just a fan of Tiger, it would appear.
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