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*rubs his eyes in utter disbelief*

First, Lee is posting? Secondly, leaning toward a Mac?! Wow.

I forgot about the scratching part, and Lee is right. The Nanos scratch easily, although that's different from breaking in half or falling apart. Sounds like someone's been making the rounds at Mac news sites.

About battery life: Apple claims 12 hours for the 30 gig (one I ordered) and 20 for the 60 gig. I don't know if that's video or music, but I would hope it's longer than two hours.

The important thing here is Apple is doing with TV just what they did with music. The theory is that if you give people the means to legally get copyright info, they will not pirate. A billion songs later, the iTunes Music Store is living proof. So Apple is making deals to let people download shows they may have missed and making it easy and affordable. Now you don't have the "but I had no choice" excuse when you try to pirate TV shows.

And the availability of video content is going to expand. There are already tutorials for how to put DVD movies and even porn on your video iPod. This is only the beginning, and they will improve its capabilities over time. NBC is rumored to be interested in getting their shows available, as well, so we're not stuck with just ABC. And the real value for me is putting Internet-downloaded shows and video podcasts I already watch every week on my video iPod.

That said, I personally won't be doing it because I have a DVR and don't miss shows, and if I did, I wouldn't pay for that low resolution when illegal but much better torrent versions are out there (HD captured). But for most average users, it will be nice.

Regarding the "video iPods aren't enough of a reason to upgrade" argument, I disagree. It's not just video, it's a beautiful color interface and a larger screen, plus extras like the security lock software and time zone views, etc. It's still black and white vs. color and video, that's huge.

The 3Gs didn't have clickwheels, right? I think the 4G clickwheels are much better than the multi-button touch-sensitive 3G ones (my first iPod).

But hey, I give you credit for at least attempting to look like you haven't changed your ways. I love how you admit your admirable and temptation toward Apple, then bash them like old times to make sure you aren't too pro-Apple. The Light Side is calling, Mr. Manchur. I can tell it has been pulling you closer and closer even in your absense from this site. Don't be ashamed, it's only for your benefit, as you will eventually find out.

Okay, Star Wars references aside, I would wait for the Intel Macs in 2006. They are gong to have better battery life and faster processors, all with the amazing Apple hardware design and elegant OS X.
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