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Originally Posted by Tarkus View Post
OK, Marc...

Time to understand what the difference is between priorities...

You have a priority based on the writing side of SC but refuse to address the MB posters who also read those articles.

Grow a thicker skin (like you did to un-ban myself/Buck) & un-ban Mush. Realize not everyone will like you, like I've come to realize about myself ('net/ real life).

It costs you nothing to relax the reigns but if anything, will allow a modicum of 'net respect, however grudgingly.

Damn it...

We're a dysfunctional family at best & are as important to SC Legacy as the writing.

Do it, Marc. Be all that you can be & show you don't need the ban button to protect SC...
Banned or unbanned, it didn't seem to make a difference with buck or mush. Mush's terrible attitude only made matters worse. Do you think it's okay for a poster to be able to curse obscenities and tell me to F off? Shouldn't there be repercussions for someone's actions? And why does the "old guard" think they should be above the rules/law? I don't care if you have 5 posts or 5,000, if you curse me out in the way mush did, there are consequences.

I'm not trying to be high and mighty. But look, there are rules, and everyone should follow them. And please, the rules are extremely fair and not asking much: no spamming or personal attacks is basically all it comes down to. It makes no difference if they are banned or not, because mush and buck clearly had no intention of contributing here in a positive way anyway. So I don't really get your post coming out of the blue ordering me to unban someone who explicitly and profanely attacked me.

Sports Central is about providing intelligent sports fans a platform to have their viewpoints heard. It's part magazine, part blog. It's got an editing process, so it is more polished and high quality than your average blog, but it also allow comments from readers, so it's interactive like a blog. Hell, the site pre-dates blogs and even Google. The SCMB is an extension of SC, but SC at its core is about high quality content. So let's get that straight.
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