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Originally Posted by NAR(cotics) View Post
Well they are AFC and NFC so even if both do good I dont have to worry unless by some miracle they get to the Super Bowl lol.

But I root for the teams that got me into the respective sports we are talking about. So the Saints, Bengals, Pistons, and Red Sox...yeah THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. lol but look, the Pistons Bengals and Saints all sucked in recent memory, that means that I am not a front runner.

lol...yeah feel free to call me crazy.
I'm from Kansas. I've rooted for lovable losers like the Royals and the Chiefs for years. I know what it's like to not be a front runner.

With that said: Kansas City Chiefs will still be unbeaten after this weekend. It's worth noting.

You're an Ohio guy but not a Reds fan, huh?
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