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Originally posted by Brian:

Game, set, Match. Lakers win 106-99.
Game. Set. Match? That was only Game 1 buddy. It's after Game 3 now and I don't see the Lakers looking like "Game. Set. Match" now. And dude, pay attention, when I did that in the Dallas thread it was when we actually won the series not after a Game 1 victory.

Well Spike, I mentioned before in a previous post that the Kings dont have a heart to win a championship this year and game 1 proved it.
On the contrary, I think Games 2 and 3 showed they have tremendous heart especially with the pressure being really on them after Game 1.

Regardless, Lakers are too much, you got the most dominate player in Shaq and the best all around player in Kobe.
Hmmmm, they didn't look that good tonight.

Kings are a good regular season team but nothing really in the playoffs.
Buzzzzzzzz. Wrong. Again.

Originally posted by Brian:

Divac is a idiot for saying the Lakers couldnt beat us because we have home court.
I just love Vlade. He sure had it going tonight. He should get a game ball. And I also loved that dunk he had on Samaki Walker in Game 2. Walker was looking up and going "uh oh". That was too good. Walker should shut up too. He's an idiot too saying the Kings lied down after Game 2 last year when his Spurs were totally gutless. He doesn't do anything for that team either.

And Webber saying this isnt the same showstopper Lakers team? HELLO?!.
Hmmm, they don't look like the same Lakers' team to me after 3 games.

Originally posted by Brian:

Im willing to bet the burger was fixed in advanced. Anyways, Lakers will roll tonight and take the Kings in staples.
Wrong on both counts.

Food poisoning only lasts one day. If whatever he's got is still with him it's not food poisoning, most likely it's a bacterial infection he probably got from a night club.

Originally posted by Brian:

Lakers in 4.
You know jack crap about the Kings. You should really stick to just talking about your Raptors and how they should try to get Penny Hardaway this offseason. :lol:

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