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I think you meant I give credit to the Pac Ten Kevin.

Anyway, I'd say it is a toss up between me and 33. I do give love to the Pac Ten, but don't forget I hate EVERYTHING to do with the South, not just the SEC.

I think "homering" can come about in two ways though...

1. Blindly following national media, which paint broad pictures of each region ( which I believe in my conspiracy laced mind is what mostly everyone does in life, including most on these boards).

2. Actually living and experiencing life by going outside your homering area and seeing what people really think of you ( when I say you, I mean where you come from).

Makes me wonder why you Kevin aren't more of a homer. If there's one place people love to dump on nearly as much as Youngstown, it's Akron. Could be an age thing too.
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