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Yeah, you’re entitled to your opinion that Arkansas is a better team than USC (however flawed the reasoning may be IMO), but are you also saying that Arkansas deserves to go over USC provided both win out? The word deserve implicates accountability to me…so I say no. That’s where I would take issue with you…if you believe they deserve it. Remember when people talked about OSU possibly being better than PSU down the stretch last year? How much did you like that? I go both routes: OSU lost so they were INFERIOR and deserved NOTHING….PERIOD. Only way to do it.

As far as 1993 goes…

I think the reasoning there was ND beat FSU in South Bend. ND then lost to BC the next week while FSU notched two quality wins the rest of the regular season. When you lose plays a role…always has. FSU beat an undefeated Nebraska in the Orange Bowl while ND beat a lesser team in Texas A&M down in the Cotton Bowl. SOS strongly favored FSU over ND despite the Seminoles losing at South Bend. SOS also favored an undefeated West Virginia over a 1-loss FSU as well as a 1-loss ND so in reality…the Mountaineers should have played Nebraska in the Orange Bowl.

That was under the Bowl Coalition… not the BCS or a playoff. If the BCS had been in place that year it would have surely featured West Virginia (11-0) vs. Nebraska (11-0) in the national title game….as I’ve stated. Interestingly enough, both WVU and Nebraska lost in their bowl games giving FSU the NC in the AP poll. So the BCS would have produced a national champion not named FSU or Notre Dame (crowing the winner of the Neb-WVU game) yet the tradition of the bowls exposed Nebraska and WVU as lesser teams (cough…bowls work if you take ‘em with a grain of salt).

Here are the differences between FSU over ND in 1993 (not that I agree with it entirely) and this year (with USC and Arkansas)…

1. USC beat Arkansas in Dixie. ND beat FSU in South Bend. That favors the case of FSU over ND as opposed to this year cuz the Seminoles lost on the road. WHERE you lose plays a big role in my eyes. That seems to be a generational issue as well as an SEC issue cuz the younger crowd and SEC lovers (often one in the same) seem to dismiss location too easily…IMO. Grant it, that’s not much of a case cuz a win is a win but I guess that was some of the figuring.

2. The SOS heavily favored FSU over ND back in 1993. Right now USC is #2 in SOS while the Razorbacks are #81. Ok…read that again. Ok…read it another time. Plus the SOS looks like a wash…at best…the rest of the way for both squads.

And for those who would point to a playoff back in 1993 figure this one out (before bowls)…

West Virginia 11-0
Nebraska 11-0
FSU 10-1
Notre Dame 10-1
Texas A&M 10-1

That’s 5 squads. Who do we leave out considering the debate Alex stirred is FSU or ND for the MNC when the BCS would have crowned a lesser champion (WVU or Nebraska) and a playoff could have possibly left out FSU or ND (the AP's two finalists)?

Just a perfect example of why the BCS is fake, the polls are meant to be taken lightly, and a playoff isn’t the answer. Just watch the games and have fun.

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