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Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
Yeah, you’re entitled to your opinion that Arkansas is a better team than USC (however flawed the reasoning may be IMO), but are you also saying that Arkansas deserves to go over USC provided both win out? The word deserve implicates accountability to me…so I say no. That’s where I would take issue with you…if you believe they deserve it. Remember when people talked about OSU possibly being better than PSU down the stretch last year? How much did you like that? I go both routes: OSU lost so they were INFERIOR and deserved NOTHING….PERIOD. Only way to do it.
Agreed. Well said. No one doubts that the Hogs have improved since week one, but unless they play USC again and beat them, USC should still be rated higher. That's the beauty of head-to-head competition. Playoffs, anyone (ducks projectile fruit)?
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