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Originally posted by BaseballFan1
"Yankees vs Cubs. The Cardinals need to avoid the Cubs or the Marlins. They may have a great offense but truth be told, they're pitching can't match up with staffs that Chicago and Florida have."

Why Alex? The Cubs have struggled this season and just because they have acquired Nomar doesn't mean they are the favorites. Even if the Cubs and Cardinals were to face each other in the NLCS, the Cubs bullpen wouldn't be all that good and the Cubs offense can't rely on the HR ball. The Cards offense is better than the Cubs. The Marlins are eliminated from postseason.
I'm sure I'm going to catch a lot of flak for this but here goes- Remember the 2001 Seattle Mariners? They had 116 wins and a damned good offense and solid starting pitching. The Mariners dispatched the White Sox and then got beat by the Yankees in the ALCS, a team with great starting pitching. The 2004 Cardinals remind me of them. A tremendous regular season team that will lose when it matters most. The Cubs are similar to the 2001 Yankees only the Cubs bullpen is worse but their starting pitching is better.

There, I said it. Begin the bashing.
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