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Default The ESPN/USA Today Poll is out and it...

doesn't look good for Auburn. The Tigers were behind Oklahoma by 2 points for 2nd place last week and are now 4 points behind Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, Texas went from 89 points down to Cal in this poll last week to only 39 this week. Good news for Texas, but it might be too little too late. A 4th place finish in the BCS means teams in BCS conferences who didn't win their league get an automatic birth.

Later today, we'll see how much ground Auburn gained/lost on Oklahoma in the AP Poll. Also interesting to note where Texas will be in relation to Cal.

Texas may finish 5th in the BCS, with only one loss to Oklahoma by 12 points and get left out in favor of a Big East team that may not even be ranked in the top 25 when all is said and done this year.

And this system " works?"

Looks like...

Rose......Michigan v Cal
Orange..USC v Oklahoma
Fiesta....Utah v BC/WVU/Pitt
Sugar....Auburn v Virginia Tech/Miami

This lineup sucks if you ask me, besides the Orange Bowl. Hopefully USC loses to Notre Dame and beats UCLA to go to the Rose to play Michigan so a tainted Pac Ten team in Cal doesn't get a trip to Pasadena.
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