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Wow, things have really turned bad for Auburn. According to ESPN, the Tigers have dropped from their second place tie in the AP Poll to third BY FIVE VOTES. Auburn would have to secure the #2 in BOTH polls over Oklahoma by ATLEAST 20 votes to offset the computers to get into the BCS #2 spot. Translation=virtualy impossible.

Things have got pretty bad for Cal as well. Their lead in the AP poll over Texas went from 109 to 90 votes. They must hold on to both polls over Texas to go to the Rose Bowl, however, they can't hope Texas loses to A&M on Friday because that would open the door for Boise St. or Louisville to gain a spot in the Rose Bowl. Basically, Cal needs to win against So. Miss and Texas must beat A&M in an unimpressive manner to retain the 4th spot in the BCS, while Texas holds the 5th spot.

ESPN predicts the BCS as follows...

1. USC
2. Oklahoma
3. Auburn
4. Cal
5. Texas
6. Utah

However, I wouldn't call USC's chances at going undefeated 100%. Notre Dame has been up and down this year, and UCLA is vastly underrated.
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