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Well, that's the system gconn. And you're right. Texas at #5 WILL BE LEFT OUT OF A BCS game because of Utah at #6.

If Auburn should lose, I don't think they would get an at large bid. Provided all else goes according to plan, Cal and Texas would get the 2 at large bids, with Utah getting dropped back down to the Liberty Bowl. Atleast that's what I think would happen. A one loss Cal and Texas team would DEFINITELY deserve an at large bid over Auburn because Cal and Texas would have one loss each, both of them to the only two undeated teams in the nation ( USC and Oklahoma). Auburn's one loss would come to a 2 loss Tennessee team. I have a feeling that if Auburn would lose, their BCS ranking would plummet due to their poor non-conference schedule/slash poor ranking in the polls. It's what happened to Wisconsin when they got their first loss.
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