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Or perhaps you can call Bowling Green and ask them why they bailed on us, and Clemson too, causing us to have to scramble at the last minute and put in The Citadel and La. Tech on there. Buckeye, we got screwed by them. And, personally, I think it is a big sack of **** about OOC scheduling being the reason. It is because they are the great OU and USC, and we are Auburn. It is because of their names and their preseason rankings IMO. So now, everyone is so impressed with OU's OOC win over Bowling Green. Even if we had Bowling Green (ranked) and Clemson on our schedule instead of La. Tech and The Citadel we would still be #3. We might get screwed over, but we are going to take it out on whatever inferior Big East or ACC team we play in Nawlins, plus, I won't be too upset, hell I'll take a Sugar Bowl win. So, Buckeye, you can stop trying to get under my skin about the whole thing because it really isn't bothering me anymore, plus we'd whoop your team's ass anytime anywhere.
2 in a row over those dawgs
Doesn't get any better than that

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