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Default a Bruin fan, nothing would please me more than seeing Steve Lavin as USC head coach. That would mean years of misery for the Trojans.

I won't beat around the bush. Steve Lavin might be a strong recruiter, but he is a terrible, TERRIBLE coach. Anyone who watched his years at UCLA should've been able to notice the wild inconsistency with talent-laden teams. He rode that UCLA name through recruiting and ended up dragging it through the mud. Don't be fooled by those Sweet 16 appearances...he only won 1 of those games, with Jim Harrick's team. That just happened to be his best year...his first as head coach.

His teams would give up, losing in historic fashion to the likes of Cal, and then somehow pull it together to beat Stanford at Maples every time they had that No.1 ranking. And even when the team didn't look too promising heading into the Big Dance, Lavin would rally his troops to win 2-in-a-row...and then have a miserable showing the next weekend. This was a re-occuring situation.

He just doesn't know how to gameplan well...and the results show that. With the amount of talented teams he had, the sad thing was you never saw any of those players improve year-by-year. They basically were the same player their entire careers at UCLA. Examples? Gadzuric. Kapono. Knight. Ray Young. The only guy I remember improving over the years (and in turn became my favorite player to watch) was Matt Barnes.

The funny thing is I like him as a color guy on ESPN. It fits his personality, seeing as he knows how to play the media card VERY well. I hope he becomes the next Dick Vitale. heh.
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