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sell, buy, buy

The Unit might come back pretty strong (I actually traded for him in fantasy baseball), but he's in a hole for the Cy Young because of some other very strong candidates (Buerhle, Santana, Colon, Garland, Bonderman, Bedard, etc.). I think most of those other candidates will falter, but if only a couple of them continue to excel it will block the Unit from the Cy Young.

Frank Thomas' recent injury isn't that bad. I expect he'll be back soon and producing. His career numbers will get him in with just a little more quality playing time, if they don't already.

Marlins will win the AL East. I might have been wrong about predicting the Braves to be all the way back in 3rd, but I don't see their offense improving much here on out. Without improved O, they need a more dominant pen to close out pitchers' duels more regularly-- i don't see that happening either. I think they've been lucky just to hang in there so far. Not to mention the Marlins could improve, IMO.
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