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1) Sell- Johnson is finally starting to show his age- losing command and speed against the Red Sox in his most recent start he was very lucky to walk away w/ that win- thanks, in most part, to poor decisions on ending guys home. However, Johnson is still one of the best in the game and might pickup a few votes but w/ Roy Halladay's 8 wins and ERA at nearly 2 and 1/2 for a so-so Blue Jays team you have to be impressed.

Jon Garland has been a great suprise for the White Sox. His lack of K's might cost him, but if him and the Sox keep up their pace he could edge out team mate Mark Buehrle since Garland will be seeing better pitching matchups being lower in the rotation, which should put him a head of Buehrle in W's when the season is over.

The Red Sox's Matt Clement is a name no one brings up- still unbeaten [6-0] and an ERA just north of 3.00. The Cubs, with all their starting pitching issues, must be wishing they had this guy back. He and Bronson Arroyo have keep the Red Sox in second in the AL East even w/ no Schilling and a disappointing David Wells.]

Twins ace Johan Santana is posting 91 K's, 32 more then second place Halladay but his ERA is nearing 4.00 and has picked up 2 loses after going what seemed like forever without 1. I'd look for his second half, as the Twins make a run at the White Sox, to be much better.

2) Buy. Frank Thomas is one of the best hitters of our era. In a time when questions about streoids have been thrown at almost everyone him and Griffey are one of the few guys who we know didn't cheat the game. They are both Cooperstown-bound. Their homerun derby that was cut off in the 94-95 season was such a shame and really could have done wonders for the game- much like the Sosa vs McGwire debry sans the juice.

3) Buy. The Marlins are too good to not win the division. Delgado was a great pickup, their starting pitching has been solid, and Miguel Cabrera is fast becoming a superstar. Braves have too many old guys in the outfield- talking about Jordan and Mondesi- and young guys w/ no experience coming in to replace them. However; Smoltz, Hudson, and Hampton just might have enough to keep these guys in the hunt- if Kolb doesn't blow the close ones.
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