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1. I have a hard time seeing Johnson winning the Cy Young this year. He is currently on pace for 16 wins and the inconsistency of the Yanks bullpen is going to make tough to win many more than 15-16 games and at the pace he is going he will be lucky to reach 200 K's this year. As it stands right now K's may not factor too heavily into the Cy race this year. Santana is far and away ahead of everyone but he is only 6-2 with a 3.70 ERA.

Nobody will begin taking Matt Clement seriously until he shows that he can pitch this well in August and September. We have seen this from him before where he pitches lights out the first half of the season only to fail miserably down the stretch.

Nobody is pitching better than Hallady in the AL right now except for maybe Erik Bedard who just went on the DL last week.

2. Thomas definitely has the numbers to warrant consideration. To say he was merely a great power hitter and nothing else is a rather short-sighted assessment of the man. He did win a batting title in '97 at .347, hit .353 in '94 (good enough for third), and .349 in '95 (good for second). He has finished in the top four in hitting four times, top ten 7 times and only struck out 100+ times 3 times in his fifteen year career. He did do a little more than just step up crank out homers over a ten year span. He ranks in the top 100 in most major offensive categories including 31st in homers and 16th in slugging.

3. I am on the fence with this one. The East seems to be one big mess right now. Burnett missed his last start for the Marlins and Mota has already made a trip to the DL. The Braves have injuries galore. If Thome can get back up to speed the Phils could stay in the mix and if Pedro does not wear down like he usually does the Mets could be right there as well. The Nationals also seem to be rather competitive as well.

The Braves do seem to have the most questions right now. With Kolb blowing up in the bullpen, Hampton making a trip to the DL, Mondesi losing his starting job and Brian Jordan not giving them a whole lot in left, and Chipper playing on a bad wheel. I'd say that division is for whoever wants it right now. It should be interesting to see who wins out.
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