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Science & Environmental Policy Project
"S. Fred Singer was in 1994 the Senior Reviewer of a junk science report of the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution (AdTI) called Science, Economics, and Environmental Policy: A Critical Examination. [9] [10] AdTI was funded by Philip Morris and the Tobacco Institute."

Let's take a look at who they are funded by...

"S. Fred Singer, acknowledged during a 1994 appearance on the television program Nightline that he had received funding from Exxon, Shell, Unocal and ARCO. He did not deny receiving funding on a number of occasions from the Rev. Sun Myung Moon."

"ExxonMobil donated $10,000 to SEPP both in 1998 [21] and 2000"

Singer is guilty of "organizing two corrupt science reports published by Alexis de Tocqueville Institution attacking the EPA, participating in the Tobacco Institute "Whitecoats Project", and co-hosting two fraudulent science gatherings."

The dude is a fraud, through and through. His group is funded by oil companies.

Case closed...

Toby, I expect more from you. That was weak...

Perhaps not Kerry but Newt stands an excellent chance; he has more experience in government than many of the other candidates...

Why don't you condemn him as a sleaze ball as you do Clinton, after all, he cheated on his wife WHILE he led the witch-hunt against Clinton.

Can you say...HYPOCRIT!!!

If you are talking about cutting back on those things that cause the problem,
That's exactly what I am talking about. Driving smaller cars, using less oil, and creating alternative fuel sources.
Do yourself a favor, become your own savior.

Think Fresh.
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