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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
Why don't you condemn him as a sleaze ball as you do Clinton, after all, he cheated on his wife WHILE he led the witch-hunt against Clinton...
Everybody cheats on their wife... it is wrong of course but if you are against that you might have to imprison the entire Senate and House! What the American people objected to, over and above the cheating, was that Clinton did it with an intern, repeatedly, in the Oval Office, then lied about it. Perhaps you can detect the difference; if not I'll draw you a picture. There is some hypocrisy here to be sure; Newt is no one to be casting blame. But, in the final analysis, I see a clear difference between the two... We should hold our president to a bit higher than Speaker of the House; hell look at that broad Pelosi...she's over meeting with the enemy... what a disaster....
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