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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
Are you ready for an education?

"research has failed to identify any known natural climate-forcing mechanism that could have generated all of the unprecedented warming that has led to 1998 being, most likely, the warmest year in at least 1200 years. "

"The IPCC also predicts an increase in average temperature between 2.5 F (1.4 C) and 10.4 F (5.8 C) over the next century, a rate of warming unprecedented in the last 10,000 years. "
Would you like more. These things have never happened before, so quit lying.

No, any action that limits how much carbon we emit into the air would not be wrong. It might not be the best solution, but it would be better.
Fresh, you can quote all the partisan research you wish. I'll use common sense and the fact that the globe has been warming and cooling for millenia. Look at the research from NOAA and other non-political groups.
By the way, your point is lost when you quote the IPCC. I do not trust anything the UN says about this, especially when they discount the pollution that is going on in India and China -- see Kyoto Protocols.
Sorry Fresh, no education was given here. I have already read all of what you posted and decided that it was not credible.

I have no need to lie to prove things to you. I would appreciate the discontinuance of accusations of this sort. The UN, on the other hand, just wants to bring the US down, so they find these people to say what they want them to.
Read this article and tell me that I am lying to you:
Like I said before, this is nothing more than the climate going through its 30 year cycle, Fresh.
By the way, you haven't answered my question yet. Before you accuse me of something again, perhaps you should do so, OK?
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