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I. I am surprised that pockets 7's lost on 07-07-07. I think that this definitely speaks out against those who believe in superstition. While some may try and blind themselves with the idea that their fate is controlled by some other "power", we only have reason (and now even more reason because of this story) to believe that in fact we are just stuck with the cold and empty fate that the world deals to us.

II. I sense a great deal of cynicism in your posts Dano. While everyone likes light-heared cynical people, I think you get down on yourself too much. I like to think that there is a woman out there for you, although, as I said, we are all stuck with the cold fate that the world gives us. But, there is always hope and hope is a good thing. Once we lose hope, what do we have?

III. It would be completely unreasonable to think that 07-07-07 would be lucky for everyone because poker is not like economics. In economics everyone can win because of production. In poker you cannot grow money and the only money out there is the money out there. If this makes any sense, what I am trying to say is that in poker there are only two things that can happen: some people lose and some people win or everyone breaks even. Unlike economics, everyone can't win.*
Great story. It is definitely one that deserves a good deal on analyzing and reflection, for it has a lot to offer.

* Although in economics everyone can be winner, there are almost always "losers" in a Capitalistic system. I guess that is all depends on the definition of "winner."

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