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Default Silver Dragon's Week 3 Picks

Well Week two has come to a close, and we should have all been able to partake in some exciting turns of events. The shocker of the week has to go to the Cincinnati / Cleveland game. Who could have honestly seen that one coming? If you did pick Cleveland to win, I have to believe it was wishful thinking or just flat out hoping for an upset. Did you really feel confidence in that pick? Well, time to move in on.

Welcome to Week 3 of the NFL!!!! Last week I finalized my record by going 10-6 for the second week in a row. That brings my season record to 20 of 32 (.625) or 20-12. Can’t say that it would be a bad season if I continued to go 10-6, but lets see if I can’t improve on that record this week. Alright, so here they are, enjoy!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Arizona Cardinals at Baltimore Ravens 1:00 PM
Last week the Ravens Defense almost let New York back into the game during the fourth quarter. Lucky for the Ravens, Ray Lewis wasn’t gonna have it and his INT saved the game from a possible overtime. However, the Ravens weren’t the only team looking to avoid OT last week. Neil Rackers saved the Cardinals from another defeat after they blew their 17-0 lead. This week the teams meet up in Baltimore and the question is…Arizona by a field goal? Or does Baltimore’s defense find another way to deny another team?
Ravens claim their second win of the season.

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots 1:00 PM
Belicheat, Patriotgate, I don’t care which name you fancy. Fact is, the Patriots are a winning franchise even under scrutiny. Last week they decided if they couldn’t use a video camera…they would use a copy machine. Week 1 win…38-14, Week 2 win…38-14. Interesting pattern. Let’s face it. If Tom Brady throws for 279 yards and 3 touchdowns, Laurence Maroney and Sammy Morris can combine for 121 rushing yards, and Randy Moss can put up 105 yards and a TD against San Diego….Buffalo doesn’t stand a chance at Foxboro!!!
Patriots win, question is, do they do it 38-14?

Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles 1:00 PM
This is one of those games that a week ago I would have chosen the Eagles hands down, but today I really have to wonder, and take a closer look. Donovan McNabb may have been able to throw for 240 yards last week, but he was never able to produce 6 points. Add the fact that several of his throws were badly inaccurate and Philadelphia has a slight quarterback issue. If the Eagles are going to win this week, they need Brian Westbrook to do it for them. So the question here would be, how bad is his knee sprain? I was going to give the Lions five wins this year, but I’m starting to think they may see six. Here’s another upset pick this week, although I’m not really sure we can call it an upset at this point.
Lions pounce on the Eagles while they’re down.

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans 1:00 PM
Last week Peyton Manning led his team to victory once again. However, it wasn’t a whopping victory as Vince Young almost led Tennessee on a winning drive near the end of the fourth quarter. This week they travel to Houston to meet up with the 2-0 Texans. Matt Schaub is making an impact behind center this year and between Ahman Green and Ron Dayne Houston has a run game. Add in Andre Johnson (I’m predicting his knee will be fine and he’ll play) down the field to receive the ball and Houston can score. If Mario Williams comes to play this week, we may see one heck of a game. This weeks upset is right here! Colts are a great team, but I think Houston is still being overlooked, and they shouldn’t be.
Houston shocks the NFL starting the season 3-0.

Miami Dolphins at New York Jets 1:00 PM
With the likes of Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas on the Dolphins defense, they will always be a unit to watch out for, but when your quarterback throws four interceptions and fumbles a snap, you’re left a little helpless. On the Jets side of the ball, Chad Pennington should be returning for this match up and this game will be held in New York. I haven’t done this since preseason, and even though I’ve mentioned time and again that I’m not a fan, I just think its fun to say. Your winner is....
J.E.T.S., Jets, Jets, Jets!!!

Minnesota Vikings at Kansas City Chiefs 1:00 PM
The Chiefs have got to win sooner or later don’t they? First they lose to Houston, then Chicago, but both of those teams look pretty good this year. Larry Johnson just needs a defense he can run on! Well, sorry guys, Vikings run defense has been able to hold against the last two match ups and will probably continue to hold at Arrowhead stadium this week too. The way to win this game is through the air. Can Damon Huard or Brodie Croyle pull it off this week?
Vikings add to the Chiefs woes and win in Arrowhead

San Diego Chargers at Green Bay Packers 1:00 PM
Chargers got thumped last week against New England. LaDainian Tomlinson is averaging a mere 1.9 yards per carry, Philip Rivers has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns, and their season sits a .500. Packers, however, delivered their own thumping in New York last week and Brett Favre is leading a 100% winning season this year. Doesn’t that all sound great? Well, considering we’re talking about only two games here, I wouldn’t worry if I were a Chargers fan. Packers are much improved this year and will see the endzone this week, but L.T. is ready to shake off the rust in his wheels.
Chargers finally run up a score board for a win.

San Francisco 49ers at Pittsburgh Steelers 1:00 PM
Ben Roethlisberger has been on his game for two straight weeks and Willie Parker has been giving him the support he needs. Nobody really knows who to cover because Big Ben is sharing the wealth and passing the ball around. What more should be said here? Can Alex Smith, Frank Gore, and the rest of the 49ers come in to Heinz Field and upset the Steelers? Yeah, it’s possible, but not likely.
Steelers bring the hammer down on the 49ers.

St. Louis Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00 PM
Rams showed us how to dominate a game, but lose it on a goof last week as Dante hall muffed a punt to set San Francisco up for the winning field goal. Tampa made us wonder if New Orleans will come to play for any of their games this season. This week the Rams are on the road and the Buccaneers will host another home game. With Jeff Garcia avoiding turnovers and finding Joey Galloway, I expect to see another win in Tampa this week.
Bucs go two in a row at home.

Cincinnati Bengals at Seattle Seahawks 4:05 PM
Last week Carson Palmer went 33 of 50 for 401 yards and SIX, count ‘em, SIX touchdowns, Rudi Johnson ran for 118 yards, and Chad Johnson had 11 receptions for 209 yards and two touchdowns. What a game! Wait? They lost? What? That’s right. The offense was off the charts, but where was the defense? Knock, knock, nobodies home. Derek Anderson threw for 328 yards and five touchdowns of his own and Jamal Lewis ran for 216 yards and a touchdown against Cincy! This week Shaun Alexander will be running the ball and Matt Hasselbeck will be throwing to Deion Branch and Bobby Engram. Bengals will need to see some defense in order to win this game.
Seahawks take advantage of an absent Cincy Defense

Cleveland Browns at Oakland Raiders 4:05 PM
Cleveland just upset Cincinnati, and the Raiders ALMOST upset Denver, but in a game of win or lose, almost just doesn’t count. The Raiders defense will keep a better check on Derek Anderson this week, and Jamal Lewis won’t be going for over 200 yards for two weeks in a row. Yes, the Raiders defense is better than Cincinnati’s defense, but that won’t always equal a win. Cleveland should win this one just from the carry over of last week.
Browns take momentum into the ‘Black Hole’ and light it up.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Denver Broncos 4:05 PM
Jacksonville has lost to Tennessee after being devastated on the ground. Then they rebound to win over Atlanta, but not as easily as would be expected. Denver, however, has won both of their last two games on field goals against 0-2 Buffalo and 0-2 Oakland. So neither team is truly impressing anyone at this point. Given that this game is going to be played at Mile High, that Travis Henry has easily made the century mark for two weeks, Javon Walker has broken 100 yards two weeks in a row, and Brandon Marshall has been close being in the chase behind Walker…
Broncos remain undefeated even if it is only by another field goal

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons 4:15 PM
Carolina may have lost to Houston last week, but Houston is looking like a changed team. Jake Delhomme still threw for 316 yards and three touchdowns to Steve Smith who had 153 yards. They did have a little trouble with the run game as DeShaun Foster only ran for 22 yards and a fumble and DeAngelo Williams only had 31 yards. However, Atlanta continues with their woes as well. That said, Carolina will come back this week and take in a ‘W’.
Panthers step next door and steal a win.

New York Giants at Washington Redskins 4:15 PM
The Redskins look like they might have tightened up a few screws in their mechanics. Jason Campbell was able to toss a pass to Chris Cooley for a 16 yard touchdown in the closing seconds of the first half and a second touchdown from Clinton Portis pretty much closed up their game against Philadelphia last week. However, this week they host the Giants. In game one against Dallas, Eli Manning threw up some crazy stats before separating his shoulder. Then in week 2 he played well, but lost to Green Bay. This week I think he’ll be feeling a little more loose in the shoulder and attempt to repeat week 1…without the lose at the end.
Giants travel to Washington to claim their first win.

Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears 8:15 PM
Tony Romo came out on fire in week one against New York, but had smaller numbers against a better defense in Miami. This week Dallas goes on the road to match up with a Chicago defense that was stifling against San Diego (even if they couldn’t escape with the win) and who just shut down Larry Johnson in week 2. Romo and Terrell Owens will give the Bears a run for their money, and this game will be one to tune in to, anyone think Rex Grossman can make it through a game without a turnover? Here’s where I see a problem for Chicago.
Cowboys win turnover battle, win game.

Monday, September 24th, 2007 MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL

Tennessee Titans at New Orleans Saints 8:30 PM
Give me this game at the start of the season, and I would have had the Saints all the way. Drew Brees torching the Titans secondary, Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush running free through the Tennessee line, and Vince Young getting hammered by the Saints defense, but fast forward two weeks and I’m looking at a completely different game. Vince Young, Chris Brown, and LenDale White are going to attempt a repeat of the Jacksonville game and there will even be some plays through the air to Roydell Williams and Brandon Jones. I’m sorry Saints fans, but until I AT LEAST see a spark of life back in the Saints, they’re digressing back into the ‘Aints.’
Titans take the main stage in Monday Night game.

Two weeks down and Week 3 around the corner. This concludes the picks for Week 3, where do you stand? As Shane Falco would say, “Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory…lasts forever.” Are you ready for some football?
-Silver Dragon
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