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Alright, itís about that time for the picks ATS. Looks like I improved over my week 1 stats by only one game last week, but its one game in the right direction. So, after going 9-7 last week, my season stats sit at 17-15 (.531) ATS. Really looking to improve on that this week, so letís give it a shot.
September 23, 2007
Indianapolis Colts
Houston Texans +6.5
I called for Houston to win in this match up, but also thought Andre Johnson would be playing, now that heís not, my confidence level has been shot, but I still expect the Texans to cover.
San Diego Chargers -6
Green Bay Packers
I expect this game to be LaDainian Tomlinsonís coming out party. We have yet to see him perform to his own standards. If he letís the Chargers down this weekend, they may be in for a much worse season than predicted. Take the Chargers, give the points.
Minnesota Vikings +3
Kansas City Chiefs
I know several Chief fans that are very insistent over their home field win record, but have you watched the Chiefs play lately? Vikings defense not only covers this spread for them, but I see a win in their future.
Detroit Lions +6
Philadelphia Eagles
McNabb and the Eagles are struggling to put it together, while Calvin Johnson and Jon Kitna are making an honest effort at 10+ wins this season. I wonít give them the 10 yet, but Iíll give them 3-0. Lions cover, and Iím going with the straight up win.
Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots -17
Wow, this seems insane to even consider giving that many points, but the way the Patriots have been playing, itís almost just as insane not to give them. I would usually never take a spread this wide, but this week Iím taking the Patriots and giving the points.
Miami Dolphins +3
New York Jets
The Jets arenít looking as good as they did last year, but neither are the Dolphins. I picture this game being decided on a field goal with the Jets on the victorious side of the kick. With that in mind, the Dolphins cover.
San Francisco 49ers
Pittsburgh Steelers -9
Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers have been looking pretty sharp while Alex Smith and the 49ers have stumbled to 2-0-0 only by hanging on long enough throughout the game to steal it away in the end. There will be no stealing from the Steelers this week. Take Pittsburgh and give the points.
Arizona Cardinals +8
Baltimore Ravens
Cardinals were close in week 1 and won in week 2, where the Ravens have won one and lost one by seven points. Eight just seems one number too high for Baltimore. Ravens win, but the Cardinals cover.
St. Louis Rams +4
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Another close match up to call. I have the Buccaneers taking the win this week as they face the Rams, but Iíll take the Rams to cover.
Jacksonville Jaguars +3.5
Denver Broncos
Once again the Broncos will pull off another close victory, but there are two things to note here: 1) Broncos have won both games on field goals and 2) Broncos are 0-2 ATS. With that said, Iíll take the Broncos to win by a field goal and the Jaguars to cover.
Cincinnati Bengals
Seattle Seahawks -3
Tough call. Iíve taken the Seahawks to win, but expect a high scoring game. For some reason I just feel this game ends in a Seattle victory by 4. Take the Hawks, give the points.
Cleveland Browns +3
Oakland Raiders
No, I am most certainly not jumping the Cleveland bandwagon. Last week Derek Anderson and the Browns came together and got hot against a Cincinnati defense that has a lot of holes. Raiders defense is much better, but Cleveland still pulls off the win using a little of that left over spark from last weeks excitement. Browns cover and take the win.
Carolina Panthers -4
Atlanta Falcons
I canít wait to see how Byron Leftwich looks behind center in Atlanta, but chances are thatís still several weeks away. Until then, I canít in good conscience pick Atlanta to do anything but struggle. Panthers take the win, give the points.
New York Giants +4
Washington Redskins
The Giants havenít imploded just yet (even if they are 0-2), but with Coughlin at the head of this pack, itís bound to happen before the end of the season. Eli Manning has had some time to work out his arm a bit and should look to get about half of what he did against Dallas. Derrick Ward has been averaging 6.4 yards a carry in Brandon Jacobs absence, and Iím just not ready to buy into the Redskins defense after watching the Miami receivers shot themselves with dropped balls and McNabb falter away the win with wild passing. Look for the Giants to upset here, so take them to cover.
Dallas Cowboys +3
Chicago Bears
The Bears did an excellent job stopping San Diego, but Grossman couldnít keep it together and they lost anyway. Then they contained Larry Johnson on their home turf. So the Bears should hold Tony Romo and Terrell Owens down to a minimum this week, but just like the match up with San Diego, by the final buzzer, Dallas will slip away from them. Take the Cowboys to cover, and Iím calling for the win.
September 24, 2007 Monday Night Football
Tennessee Titans +4
New Orleans Saints
Titans are looking a lot like the Falcons did with Vick because Vince Young can scramble and run too. The Tennessee offense is averaging about 211 yards on the ground in their last two games, where the Saints defense has been giving an average 125 yards on the ground. Until the Saints come around and show me that they want to play this year, I just simply canít give them any confidence. Titans cover as they upset the home crowd in New Orleans.
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